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Imagine a crisp delicate shell, giving way to a moist nutty body and a creamy chocolate centre…

Each of Daniela’s Deliciously Decadent Parisian macaroons are carefully handcrafted, using only the best quality natural ingredients to create the perfect balance of texture, flavour and colour. The finest Californian almonds with white and dark couvertures make our macaroons the perfect gluten-free indulgence.

These handcrafted treats offer a moment of pure delight as the two nutty meringue-like outer shells crumble in your mouth to reveal a filling of complex and pure flavours. The character of each ingredient is slowly released to create a memorable taste experience.

Originally created in Paris, macaroons are perfect for so many occasions – special occasion gifts, corporate gifting or events, baby showers and weddings. Customised according to your specific needs, you choose the flavours, colours and number of macaroons to suit your event.

During the year we also create special flavours to celebrate special dates. Limited edition macaroons are made for Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Eid and Christmas.

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